23 April 2006


seder tools
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passover's over (last night, at a potluck, i gorged myself on tortilla chips fried in lard). but i just got some lovely photos from my lovely photographer friend.

pictured is the seder plate with assorted extras. that green blob is the matzah.

i got my roasted lamb bone from Long's, the butcher shop in town. a fantastic place with high quality meats. and certainly a store that is more accustomed to providing their customers with meat, not bones. luckily, i thought to check the paper-wrapped bone before leaving Long's. they had given me an entire bone, measuring about a foot long! all gross and bloody, too. bleh! i thought not of the oppression of the Jews in Egypt but of Fred Flinstone. it wasn't good. they were nice enough to lop off the ends of the bone, leaving me with a more reasonable lamb bone, measuring perhaps three inches. whew!

as for the rest of the passover adventure, you should check out the photos. my friends were all well-behaved. not even a fight over the afikomen. and the youngest literate member of the seder party (age 25) did a wonderful job with the four questions. next year, i'll have to teach her to do them in hebrew.


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You need to know about this:

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Anonymous miranda said...

i forgot your email.

and i'm too lazy to look through my inbox so: any 'flavour' of deoderant is fine. nothing gross. ha. something that will blend seamlessly with my personality and have people think i actually smell like wood. weird. why is wood a deoderant smell? that just struck me as odd. anyway. hurry! i'm about to be forced to use real deoderant that acutally does something!

aaaagh! my hippy street cred is in peril


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