27 August 2006

summer update #1: portland food tour

Alma Chocolate
i got the super special food lovers tour of portland last july on my way out of town, care of mike z. the highlight of the trip was absolutely the opportunity to sample the very dark dark chocolate in the temperer at Alma's. one spoonfull each (double dipping not allowed!). it was divine. i would've rather just stuck my entire head under the flowing dark chocolate, but that would've been unfriendly to the very nice owner of the chocolate shop.

also on the tour:
Steve's Cheese!
Steve's Cheese, tucked into the back of Square Deal Wine Company on NW Thurman. We were there the weekend of the Cheese Show, and a bunch of cheese affecionados (cheeseheads?) hit the cheese shop at the same time as us. We were all impressed. This photo captures but a teeny tiny portion of Steve's cheese offerings.

chicken foot dim sum
Dim Sum at Wong King's Seafood. Mike Z. and i got the chicken feet, since neither of us had ever tried them, but i believe they're pretty much like gefilte fish: you can't really appreciate 'em unless you've grown up eating them. but hey, points for trying, right?


Blogger Heather W. said...

Okay, you're going to have to give me a tour of Portland when I get back. I lived there for years--well, okay, I lived in the 'Couve for years--but never had an insider's access like this!


6:20 PM  

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