10 April 2003

earlier on last saturday, i found myself in greektown and finally stopped in at the Athens Grocery on halsted. they have, in their cooler case, big pans of olives and, after a few samples, i went with a small container of green cut olives, big, crunchy and sour. some with little stems still attached. i also got some good, thick greek yogurt, which, when mixed with honey becomes one of those foods to which i could almost commit to eating nothing but for the rest of my life (i feel the same way about good granny smith apples and greek salads). just next door to Athens Grocery is a bakery with a spinach pie so good that after finishing the first one, i had to go back and get a second. next time: dessert! greektown never ceases to amaze me, and i don't get there nearly as much as i should (last time i went, four months ago, hardly counted as i had an omelette at a diner). but its up the road 1.19 miles from my office and, what with only a few short months left in this city of ethnic enclaves, i better get my act together. greektown, devon (the center of the indian neighborhood a mile away from my house, if that), all those african restaurants around my apartment, cowboy shops on west lawrence, chinatown, little italy, so much and so little time!


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