03 April 2003

last night: wonderful cake from Lutz's bakery in lincoln square. despite preconceived assumptions about chocolate versus strawberry cake, the strawberry cake won by a longshot. and, oh, i still have some left for tonight! cake was dinner at work. after work for dessert i had broth with egg noodles. and a bite of strawberry cake. so rich, so creamy! for lunch, leftover vegan lasagna and a bowl of columbia college veggie chilli smothered in cheese.

the vegan lasagna is from a lovely and successful librarian vegan potluck at which we had: aforementioned lasagna, mango carrot salsa, carrot ginger date salsa, chickpeas "au gratin," bread, vegan cookies and non-vegan coconut bars. 'twas a good and vegan thing.

a new restaurant in New York is called "Schnack" which is, in my opinion, "schnasty."


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