27 August 2006

summer update #5: bbq

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whew! caught up to last night! when i joined friends for a lovely bbq. we grilled a pile of veggies from the market, a few steaks, some shrimp with creole sauce and a slab of tuna. we also had couscous salad, arugula salad, green salad, gazpacho, beer and wine. and for dessert, a rasberry pie and a blueberry peach cobbler. we do know how to do it up, that's for sure.

maybe one day i'll host or attend a dinner at which we actually make enough food just for that evening, rather than enough food to feed a small army for a week. but we all just get so worked up about putting together various marinades and rubs. and then we start thinking about what would happen if we grilled beets. but also, we have to have corn because to do otherwise would be a sin.

hot off the grill

and steak is a standard, but having shrimp skewers would be fun. and those squashes at the market just look so good. and last week, when sara grilled up those peppers, they were so tasty. plus, the rasberries in the garden are just perfect for pie. of course, it's always good to have multiple dessert options and peaches are looking mighty nice right now.


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