25 April 2003

what I ate this morning by sue:

4 strawberries, tasty and sweet
a lemon square, powdered up and...lemony
3 trisquits, they were sitting on a table. i ate them.
2 mugs of ovaltine, because it reminds me of when i was little. imagine
lil' sue with an ovaltine mustache.
a peanut or two. just for shits and giggles.
leftover mashed potatoes, made by my roomie's mommie.
a partridge in a pear tree. okay, not really...

what eliz ate yesterday
matzah all day long and to break passover, indian food at hema's kitchen. paratha, rice, aloo braigan, sag paneer, samosa and dal all with kingfisher. passover zipped by this year and ending it with a seder on wednesday nice was pleasant. i made brisket. it was good. we ate matzah toffee, gefilte fish and overboiled eggs.


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