12 November 2006

fall omelette

fall omelette
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i am currently enjoying a delightful overstuffed, well-done fall omelette. leeks and rainbow chard from the market, cheese from the fancy cheese shop and mushrooms from my downstairs neighbors who picked them yesterday. and, er, well, fake sausage. i love fall produce for its colors, its heartiness and its versatility. anything that is perfect for soups or omelettes is a food for me. this omelette is so good that i just realized, just this second, that i didn't even to make coffee, so caught up was i in my breakfast.

i love sunday mornings. i wake up around 8am, lay around in bed until 8:30am (gosh, i'm getting old--"sleeping in" until 8:30am!). finally get up, put on some sunday morning music (today: jenny toomey), throw some slippers and a sweater on to go grab the newspaper from the front stoop. then come back in to make a big overstuffed omelette and some coffee to enjoy while reading the paper. it's possible that celebrating this makes me a 60 year old man, but whatever.

yesterday was the last day of the market this season. technically, it will move over to the lane county fairground for "holiday market," which goes until the end of december. some will argue that this means that saturday market isn't actually over, but i, only three blocks from the outdoor market and about a mile and a half from the fairground, beg to differ. i haven't made it to the fairground market, but i know its not the same. fall is the best time of year for saturday market. how lovely to bundle up, trundle down to the market, stopping to get coffee on the way, and wander around the stalls, surrounded by beautiful apples, squash, leeks, and more. so i guess i love saturday mornings, too.

you know. i guess that i just really love weekends. yay weekends!!


Blogger Heather W. said...

Sigh...that sounds just perfect. And the omelette looks gorgeous!

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