04 November 2006

Ryan the cheese man!

food blog hookup
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oooh, i just got home from the new and wonderful gourmet grocery store just down the street from me. it is now my Local Grocery Store. a dangerous dangerous thing when the nearest grocery store sells sopressata with hand-stitched casing, rounds of epoisse and so forth. i could drop $50 in the blink of an eye. without even thinking.

Provisions + Me = Money Hemmhorage

That its next to a delightful kitchen store full of all kinds of absolutely necessary pots, pans, graters, knives and so forth doesn't help things.

So, for better or for worse, I discovered that I know the brilliant mind behind Provisions...the guy running the place! From this foodblog! Finally, Yum! has paid off! Took us a while to figure things out but after lingering over the cheese case for a good fifteen minutes, we got onto the topic of chicago and finally put two and two together. Fabulous! except that now that i know someone who works there, i have all the more reason to visit the place and, well, my wallet is shrieking for mercy.

I managed to make reasonable purchases this time: a wedge of San Joaquin Gold (which you can weirdly buy on Amazon.com, though you should certainly support your local upscale gourmet grocery store instead!), a delightfully rich hard cheese that's great on soups, pastas and so forth. it's also rather tasty all by its lonesome. And Ryan was nice enough to send me off with a complimentary sampling of Essex St. Comte, a rather subtle but flavorful cows cheese aged in an underground army fort in France. If Ryan is reading this and he needs to send someone to France to inspect the underground army fort cheese aging facility (quality control and whatnot), i am willing to ship across the ocean to scope the place out. just, you know, in case you're looking for someone to carry out such an important mission. i'm up to the task.


Blogger Anna said...

I am feeling rather jealous of your cheese supply. I did luck out with some good English cheddar upon my last visit to the grocery store, but we have no gourmet grocery in town. :(

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

okay -- another reason to visit you -- or you to visit, bringing great food!!!

1:57 PM  
Blogger Deepfry said...

dear "anonymous",
yes, whoever you are, i'm sure i'd love for you to visit me. eugene is full of culinary delights.

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Ryan Dawe-Stotz said...

I am, in fact, reading this, and since I'll apparently be in Iowa taking a course on cured meats I may need you on France detail. Bugger that the Euro exchange rate's so disadvantageous, but duty calls.

Tomorrow is delivery day. New goodness arriving, including (nearly miraculously) one solitary wheel of Twig Farm Tomme, which if it's in good shape should be pretty dangerous to your jaw, seeing as how it's going to drop straight down on our beautifully detailed tile floor.

11:14 PM  
Blogger Deepfry said...

by tomorrow do you mean "thursday" or "friday"? i stopped by last night but i got there after closing. so sad.

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Ryan Dawe-Stotz said...

Meant Thursday (which is still today, by a few minutes), but didn't sell out of anything today. Still have the Twig Farm Tomme which is so good it'll rearrange your DNA, and as if by magic some Langres showed up and they're gloriously stinky. Shorted on my suspiciously inexpensive Italian goat's cheese with black truffle shaved on top, but I shall persevere. So basically, lots of cool stuff there now. You should stop by. Bwah-ha-ha.

12:09 AM  
Anonymous Ariamour said...

just wondering where this fab store is. We're very new to Eugene and we must find a good gourmet type grocery. Ahhhh, Jamon Serano . . .


9:54 PM  
Blogger Eliz said...

It's Provisions, the store on the lower level of the 5th street public market. It's owned by the same folks who own Marche, the upscale restaurant one floor up.

11:59 AM  

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