17 November 2006

House of Noodle

I've eaten at House of Noodle, the Vietnamese and Chinese place down the street from my house, two nights in a row, both times with lovely company. I'm fighting a cold and if I eat pho at least daily, I might just beat that cold down. I think I might go there for dinner again tonight, if only to support them. I'm a bit afraid that House of Noodle isn't doing very well. On both Wednesday and Thursday night, we were at one of two or three occupied tables in a room of empty booths. They're downtown, so I'm hoping they get good lunchtime business. I was a bit bitter that they changed their salt&pepper squid recipe, but I still think it's a great place. If they're really struggling financially, one can't criticize too harshly for strange menu inconsistencies. And the woman I assume to be the owner is so sweet and concerned, and leans in closely over you to inquire after your meal. She reminds me of my grandmother. So, if you live in Eugene, please eat at House of Noodle. Do it for me!

p.s. I stole this photo from Flickr. I have no shame.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We agree! We live in Roseburg and when we travel to the big city of Eugene, we always try to go to House of Noodles for pho.

Thanks for the endorsement.

3:47 PM  
Blogger Westbrook said...

You're funny E. I'll go there anytime you want. I work next door. Just email me.

2:09 PM  

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