27 November 2002

stolen directly from The Morning News (http://www.themorningnews.org/archives/editorial/the_non_experts_desk_thanksgiving.shtml) and in honor of our beautiful holiday of overeating.

(sung to The Star Spangled Banner)

O say can you see
Any turkeys tonight
With their proud, feathered tails
Plucked and salted ruthlessly

Whose carbuncles and beaks
Are of no use to us
But whose strong, noble hearts
Have been boiled for gravy

And their livers all cooked!
And their wings pinned and hooked!
And their heads in the trash
So they can’t watch us eat

O say is that carcass’s
Flesh what we truly crave…
With Thanksgiving its wake
And our table its grave!

13 November 2002

wow, where has the time gone? its been eons since i updated. i suppose thats what happens when you go away for a week long vacation in mexico. sigh. but now i'm back. and drinking bad office coffee.

my diet in mexico can be summarized in two words: grains and cheese.

but, gosh, i have SO much work to catch up on so thats all for now.

04 November 2002

non-food related item:
the following pick-up line was delivered to me by a straight boy at a drag king show on saturday.

boy: I know you're probably gay but I really like your nose.

this was followed by an outpouring of his love for the Jews and interest in my own Judaism. ew. creepy!