09 October 2006


the best thing about making soup is just how easy it is.

put ingredients in pot. cover with stock. wait an hour. eat.

but i think i'm pushing it tonight. i just put the following into a pot:
green tomato
acorn squash
black beans
tomato sauce

...and then i covered it with stock. report to follow.

ooh, hullo! soup is so tasty. it tastes vaguely like tortilla soup, despite a total lack of tortilla. i think it's the squash, though i'm not sure why i think that. anyways, the soup is a success and i'm a genius.* and soup is too easy to make. i'm practically convinced that anything will taste good if its put into a pot and covered with stock.

*such arrogance can only lead to disaster. i'll probably burn the house down trying to make toast later this week.