21 June 2005

i went to subway for lunch today. first time i've been there in, geez, five years or so. and guess what, they now have
  • five types of bread
  • varieties of cheese
what happened to the "wheat or white" and bland white cheese i knew and loved? since when do i have to make difficult decisions about parmesan oregano bread vs. italian cheddar and herb bread. sheesh! i dunno! and that enticing array of cheeses? eek! i just want that tasteless white stuff. is that so much to ask for? so i got cheddar cheese (in a moment of panic, presented with multiple and unknown options, i went with the one selection i was sure they had) veggie sub on wheat. phew. just like old times. sniff. i got a bag of Lays Baked Chips and a unreasonably massive diet coke. the coke lasted for an entire 2 hr drive.

at any rate, bacon wrapped summer is going well. i'm sort of burnt out on bacon, though. the bacon doughnuts, bacon-wrapped asparagus bundles and bacon&egg breakfast all within, uh, two day seems to have maxed me out on the tasty little savory morsels. hopefully after a short break, i'll be ready for round two. the bacon doughnuts, from VooDoo Doughnut in Portland, delivered to Eugene by my very special bacon-pushing friend, her sister and her brother-in-law, was much much better than i'd expected. with its maple frosting, it reminded me vaguely of the Pancake Sandwich, my all-time favorite breakfast ever and for always.

09 June 2005


i am slowly entering the market for a digital camera and i just found the Olympus Stylus 500, which has a special "Cuisine" setting. a camera setup specifically to take photos of food! ooh!! check it out: http://digitalcameras.engadget.com/entry/1234000340023752/.

lust. too bad it isn't very pretty. not like the Fuju Finepix Z1, which i would get in a heartbeat if i were going on looks alone.

06 June 2005

book meme, foodie style

1. Total number of (cook) books I’ve owned:
ever? or currently? right now i count 55 cookbooks between a. and me, plus countless printout, cutout, scribbled down, bookmarked recipes stuffed in books, piled on shelves, etc.

2. Last (cook) book I bought:
Just like iheartbacon, i've recently been into these 50s cookbooks that feature "salads" that call for gelatin. but the most recent purchase is Introduction to Indian Cooking, by Madhur Jaffrey. i have yet to cook anything out of it. but it looks nice.

3. Last (food) book I read:
Salt: A World History, by Mark Kurlansky, which was a fun book about how salt has played a pivotal role in every major historical event. while i don't doubt that salt is, in fact, responsible for Western and Eastern Civilization, i think there were maybe other contributing factors, too.

4. Five (cook) books that mean a lot to me:
  • Celebrating the Midwestern Table Abby Mandel: This is a surprisingly good cookbook and Abby Mandel is from my hometown, so I feel a special connection to her, though we've never ever met. also, my cat adores the cabbage soup. and a cabbage soup good enough that a cat eats it is a good cabbage soup.
  • New Vegetarian Epicure Anna Thomas: i'm a fan of Moosewood and all, but Vegetarian Epicure kicks it up a notch. it's a bit more creative but totally easy and doable, unlike Millenium, which is amazing but has only hugely elaborate recipes that require at least three hundred ingredients and two trips to the kitchen shop to buy obscure tools.
  • New Food Lover's Companion, 3d ed. Sharon Tyler Herbst: i'm a librarian so i love reference books. i just bought the escoffier cookbook because it looks good on my shelf and whenever i flip through it, i have this book by my side.
  • Schott's Food & Drink Miscellany Ben Schott: this sits in my bathroom so i am never without the opportunity to acquire knowledge. did you know that in Kiss' contract, they require six caramel rice cakes backstage. hmm.
  • Cookies Cookbook: the Queen's Best Recipes Mary Engelbreit: yeah, she's the Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries illustrator but i swear this is good stuff. her illustrations are cheesy and lame, but the lemon coconut bars are awesome.

5. Which 5 people would you most like to see fill this out in their blog?
Growin' Blog
The Sneeze

Tag. You're it!

bacon-wrapped influence

as i was leaving work today, i ran into the Documents Librarian at the bike rack. well, he was biking away. but he stopped. and waited for me. and when i got to him he said:

"I know what you're doing this evening!"

and i said: "What?"

and he said: "You're wrapping something in bacon!"

ah, how quickly good news travels in these parts. so, i wasn't planning on bacon-wrapping anything but once the seed was planted in my brain, i figured i'd let it sprout. tom recommended wrapping pears in bacon, which is a fantastic idea that i plan to implement but for some reason banana popped into my head. and so, baking in the oven at 400 degrees right now is bacon wrapped banana stuffed with ginger feta. report to follow.

01 June 2005


hot off the massive diet coke and popcorn experience, we move directly into Bacon Wrapped Summer 2005.

Inspiration hit several nights ago, while dining with jon on bacon-wrapped farmers-cheese-stuffed dates, a lovely pasta salad and grilled lamb, served with a charming, gosh, uh, well something red and good. given that most everything is better wrapped in bacon, it seems logical to declare this Bacon Wrapped Summer 2005. with a heavy grilling slant, of course. anyways, this is looking like a pretty exciting summer!

but before the Official Launch of Bacon Wrapped Summer 2005, we've had some tasty grilled meals. on monday, i went for a run and came back to tasty plumb grilled chicken (marinated in lime, garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil) with ciabatta bread, a tasty farmers market salad (mixed mesclun, easter egg radishes, sugar snap peas). all with a lovely clos du bois chardonnay. we spread a blanket on the lawn and had ourselves a little picnic. sunday before was a baby shower with fantastic grilled shrimp done up with mild spices. and rockstar black bottom cupcakes. summer cookouts are such a good good thing.