31 August 2007


E's dramatic tomato tart
Originally uploaded by agfachrome25
we are firmly sitting in the middle of tomato season and the livin' is good. all i want to eat are tomatoes: tomato sauce, gazpacho, salsa, tomato sandwiches, salads, you name it. i went to l&s's house for a potluck last week and we had accidental Iron Chef Tomato Battle: most of the guests brought tomato-based dishes. I brought this lovely tomato tart. I don't make pie crust enough to achieve any sort of expertise, but it was a competent attempt. I think next time I'd like to put a bit of cheese or maybe pesto (ooh!) as a bottom layer under the tomatoes to give it a bit more moisture. But even if the taste wasn't *exactly* what I wanted, it sure looked pretty.