27 February 2009

pizza party!

hot out of the oven
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last weekend, a friend (pictured) hosted a pizza party: he supplied dough, cheese and sauce; guests supplied toppings. it was a clever idea and you should all host similar parties. we had a countertop spread with various toppings and the host pushed out pizzas all night long. it didn't hurt that the crust was awesome and that the host had a lovely pizza paddle that gave the whole thing a certain air of authenticity. it also didn't hurt that the wine was flowing.

this guy -- he knows how to host a dinner party, that's for sure. in fact, his are some of the best i've attended. the food, the wine, the company and the Tom Waits on the radio. The previous party I attended featured wild boar ragout. hello! and more wine.

24 February 2009

birthday cake!

birthday cake!
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today's my birthday and when i arrived at school, my friends were waiting for me with a box of delicious swedish pastries (and a cup of coffee). i have great friends! the pastry pictured is some sort of coconut cinnamon roll thingy. it was deee-licious and much more exciting than my usual breakfast of yogurt. and i have two more pastries waiting for me in a little pastry box in my locker. score!

it was, unless i'm forgetting, my first pastry from the Swedish Bakery, which is up in Andersonville. i've gone by that place a hundred times but i've either resisted or (more likely) been on my way to somewhere else to get food. i went in there once but was frankly totally overwhelmed by my options (i'm a pisces -- i'm very indecisive). it was much nicer having someone make my selection(s) for me.

23 February 2009

Blog Revival

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Okay kids, it's been 15 months since my last post and now I'm in law school which means either (this is a two prong test):

1. oh my god, i have no time! I have to write this stinkin' brief, start my outline and read a thousand pages by tomorrow; or

2. i'm a student and, as such, have plenty of time to do stuff like spend five minutes writing a blog post.

I'm going, perhaps foolishly, with the latter. And so i pledge ON THIS DAY FEBRUARY 23, 2009, THE LAST DAY OF MY 31st YEAR to revive Deepfry. Yes, most of its readers have undoubtedly fled, leaving behind only those who are too lazy to update their blogreaders. But that's ok, because I think I need the creative outlet. If I don't do this, I'll end up only with the ability to write in legalese.

So, Deepfry, welcome back to Deepfry! Thanks Deepfry!

Pictured, btw, is a recent snapshot of a portion of Valentine's Day dinner with R at awesome San Soo Gab San. Each time I get Korean BBQ, I find another side dish that I really like. It's literally a bite by bite expansion of my palate.