05 September 2005


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i love living in eugene instead of the big, loud, crowded, polluted city of chicago but a week spent there for my mom's birthday allowed me to indulge in my favorites that the city has to offer. my very favorite ever is to sit on the beach and have a coconut paletta. especially when the weather happens to be absolutely fantastic, rather dry for august and the company is that of a friend whom i'd fallen sorta out of touch with. sometimes i get the rice one, but coconut is classic. you can see the shredded coconut at the bottom.

i also went to Kamakura in Wilmette with my mom and got sushi and all-broccoli tempura. here's my mom with my plate of all-broccoli tempura. isn't it divine? the server looked a little surprised when i asked for "vegetable tempura but only with broccoli" but she obliged. i've been on this massive broccoli kick lately. i probably have some sort of serious vitamin deficiency. i'm not sure.

and dim sum in chinatown with my mom. followed shortly by south indian food on Devon. while waiting for my brother and dad at the Lawrence and Kimball stop on the train, we found a grill just sitting there in the middle of the sidewalk. on lawrence. inexplicably.

chicago. it never fails to please.