28 November 2003

we had thanksgiving at my mother's first cousin's daughter's boyfriend's house in palatine. my immediately family arrived 45 minutes late...never expect us to be anywhere on time. present were: my mother's first cousin and husband, their daughter, her boyfriend, my mother's first cousin's husband's sister-in-law, her son, my aunt and uncle, their son and his wife, my parents, my brother and myself. and a cat named samson. we had all the usual goodies: cranberry "sauce" out of the can, sliced, and arranged with a garnish of cabbage. coolwhip rainbow jello mold, fancied up this year with kiwi and strawberry slices, two turkies (which seemed excessive), pot roast (huh?!), stuffing, (lumpy) gravy, "green bean casserole" (more like lukewarm creamed mushroom soup with a few wilted green beans and some driend onion soup mix), a pumpkin pie, an apple pie, a chocolate mousse pie, a cheesecake, a basket of muffins and cookies and then hordes of appetizers beforehand that i won't get into except to say that filo dough baked with nothing except roasted garlic ISN'T really that tasty...its a little intense.

26 November 2003

in order to fortify myself for my late night drive from ann arbor to chicago, i purchased a "super size double cheeseburger extra value meal"...with a diet coke, to, you know, prevent excessive caloric intake. it was like a bottomless bucket of french fries and i actually managed to last the entire car ride on just one supersize cup of diet coke. now that's what i call American Consumerism at its finest! i feel disgusting. but it did keep me alert for an entire speedy drive.

and now i'm home and found sushi waiting for me. the perfect way to end the day.

24 November 2003

i was planning on eating lunch at the chinese/vietnamese place today but my date ditched me. he has to write a paper. what a nerd. so, what's a solo diner to do? two words: cheese fries.

oh yeah!

20 November 2003

good sign

went over to the Little Red Headed Girl's house last night and she had made veggie&blue cheese quiche and baked up a squash. she also, apparently, really enjoys making risotto.

19 November 2003

i had cheese fries yesterday for lunch. i blame april...she made me do it. for dinner i had pizza.

today for lunch, i went to a talk given by a bahai woman who works for pfizer (figure that one out). they had pizza. i'll listen to a talk on any topic if it means free pizza. i'm shameless. she was really excited about the "gadgets" on the website which actually seemed to be "windows." but who am i to judge? she's bahai. she's probably way more centered than me. even if she works for pfizer.

tomorrow for lunch i'll have leftover curry. but friday i'm livin' it large with lunch at the newly re-opened chinese/vietnamese restaurant down the street from school! yay! i went to that place weekly when i was here before and its been tragic not having the option. thank goodness its back.

one could sum up my diet in two words: cheese and carbs. oh, that's actually three words. but you get the point.

17 November 2003

this morning, halfway through breakfast, i realized that the soymilk in my cereal was sour. i then finished up the bowl, soymilk and all. i'm feeling, alright though. anyways, after eating breakfast, i was putting leftover curry into a tupperware container and took a bit of cauliflower, which also tasted sour. so maybe it was just me.

14 November 2003

continuing my celebration of my low cholesterol, i have had cheese fries and a tofu dog twice this week. the food offerings on the street nearest my office are totally grim, except for Red Hot Lovers, which offers some of the best hotdog kinda food this side of lake michigan. their cheesefries make me weepy and their tofu dogs aren't so shabby. its literally a stick of tofu, grilled and topped with whatever you want (monday i did the traditional chicago dog; today a "serious dog" [actual name] with bbq sauce, swiss cheese and coleslaw). though, i did get lemonade that was so sugary sweet that i tossed it--i could actually feel it rotting my teeth. but red hot lovers, man. at the rate i'm going, i'll need bypass surgery before i turn 30, but its just so good!

03 November 2003

i discovered today that i have incredibly low cholesterol and blood pressure. i celebrated by having a granola bar, two salami sticks and a handful of candy corn for dinner. gross.

02 November 2003

started yesterday morning right with a bowl of barbara's cinnamon puff cereal things and a cup of coffee.

followed by a slightly burnt spanish tortilla. they're good that way.

followed by an americano. then ginger lemon ice tea, courtesy of sam.

followed by two cups of (decaf) coffee and a slice of quiche.

followed by half a boca veggie philly sandwich.

accompanied by two dirty vodka martinis with blue cheese olives at leopolds, who have begun distilling their own vodka, gin and other boozes.

this morning, an omelette, fake sausage, green tea.

01 November 2003

A decent meal at a newly discovered Korean restaurant here in town has inspired me to get back to this thing. I got Dol Sot Bi Bim Bop with tofu. It was tasty. The restaurant was sweltering and i was dressed up as Tweedle Dee (and accompanied by Tweedle Dum) and, therefore, wearing about ten layers, including a beanie that really didn't breathe. Having had nothing to eat all day except candy and orange-colored snack food (cheese doodles, cheddar potato chips, etc.), I thought I was going to pass out and a big bowl of rice and veggies was exactly what i needed to become reinvigortated enough to go home and stay up until 1am studying and doing crossword puzzles.

Seoul Corner: you give me hope.