26 March 2003

posting has been half-assed and i apologize. for some reason, i can't post at work anymore without being overcome by guilt.

but i'm at work now. this week is the week of the distance learners. they all come in to chicago to take intensive seminar classes, use the library and eat the food we provide. what they don't eat, we get. yesterday i had a bagel for breakfast, eggplant parmesan for lunch and the option of a bagel for an afternoon snack. today was skirt steak with grilled veggies and brownies. its pretty glamorous here, these days. good thing since i'm housesitting for my parents who have no food in their house. last night for dinner i had a tin of sardines and some olives. i'm sorry but thats just so wrong. you ask your daughter to spend a week out in the suburbs where every store is closed by 8pm and you don't provide her with food? such injustice! well, at least there's another tin of sardines for tonight.

12 March 2003

mmm...lentil soup for lunch, made by the roommate. good stuff. soon to be followed by birthday cake and ice cream. dinner last night was, er, broccoli with peanut sauce and rice. not the creator's finest creation but effort was appreciated. also appreciated was tasty popcorn and leftover cake. tonight's dinner will probably be a burrito from the place around the corner from the library which i can live with despite the fact that i saw a mouse scurrying across the floor last time i was there.

yes, the world of food is always an exciting place.

07 March 2003

wow! turns out there's going to be an official International Federation of Competitive Eating buffalo wing eating contest here in the city of chicago. while participation is not appealing (i fear the consequences of trying to keep up with professional eaters), i do hope to attend. what gluttony! i wonder if the wings will be from buf joes, my sort of high school haunt. although i was, at the time, a vegetarian, i made regular trips with george, morgan, etc. and watched them cram down buckets and buckets of wings. they were some serious wings eaters. i bet they'd stomp the competition.