12 April 2004

well, now i think i'm pretty much done with matzah lasagna. unfortunately, i have one more night to go, two more if i'm feeling like a particularly good jew. or, two more if i'm feeling guilty enough for breaking passover by drinking beer (and eating rice on saturday). but this is what i learned about why we can't eat corn on passover:

according to my mother's rabbi, the reason we can't eat corn is because if you ground it up, it looks like flour. okay, you know what? that's just plain stupid! so, i say puh-puh to that dietary restriction. bring on the corn!

on tuesday, at any rate, i'm so having a cheese delight from oasis. man, i miss those.

07 April 2004

thank you mr. atkins!

for dinner tonight, i had an "UNWICH" from jimmy johns! this is the store's shameless attempt to cater to the low-carb diet despite the fact that atkins died perhaps not as fit and slim as his diet suggested he should have. i am no fan of this low-carb diet thing but it's Passover this week, and the Unwich is a total godsend. ha ha! get it? like mana from the heavans! one can only eat so much matzah lasagna, matzah pizza, salads, gefilte fish and brisket. plus, try as one might, one does not always make time to fix a lunch before rushing to school. the contents of a normal jimmy johns sandwich wrapped neatly in iceberg lettuce is just the thing this Jew needs. yay for the unwich! in this particular situation, that is.

last night, in my attempt to be a good Jew, i ventured out in search of matzah. last year, a visit to my local grocery store, the one owned by israeli's and across from the original Weinstein's Funeral Home (hint: that's a Jewish name), left me matzah-less and angry. i had to go to the Jewish neighborhood to finally find a box of the stuff. this year, i'm in ann arbor, land of the Jews, so i assumed that finding matzah would be no problem. i hit hiller's, who had canned israeli pickled eggplant, three kinds of matzah ball soup mix, ten brands of gefilte fish and kosher coconut toasted marshmallows but were clear out of matzah. i stopped by whole foods, but all they had was "not for passover" matzah. it was 8:30pm. i was starving and becoming very cranky. i had visions of myself driving from grocery store to grocery store, desperately searching. just like last year! thankfully, third time was the charm and i managed to snag the very last box of matzah at the kroger on stadium. three stops may not sound like much, but all i'd eaten at that point was leftover brisket and a piece of cheesecake (with a macaroon crust--brilliant!) that was delicious but gave me a headache (refined sugar). at 8:30pm, with a clear vision of matzah lasagna in my head, i was clear on the way to a nervous breakdown. so, thank you mr. atkins and thank you kroger. you make me smile.

once all that was cleared up, i did make a mighty tasty matzah lasagna. with zucchine, onions and mushrooms. while i was waiting for it to cook, i had two pieces of gefilte fish with red horseradish. and some leftover brisket. awww yeah!