25 May 2004

am having that compulsive i-have-a-flu-and-must-eat-veggie-broth-with-egg-noodles thing. i think i'll just go for it. i consumed a bottle of cranberry juice cocktail last night along with a Bowl of Health (quinoa, kale, red beans, tofu, brussel sprouts, red cabbage, eggplant all mixed into one big pile of mush, topped with nutritional yeast and braggs...it's SO much better than it sounds!). this, combined with the five hour nap i took in the middle of the day, meant some serious insomnia. oh, damn you high energy food item eaten in the late hours of the night!!

tonight, despite having lingering illness, i'm going to a potluck. i think i'm going to bring cabbage salad as it's tasty while requiring minimal preparation.

16 May 2004

-iced double americano no sugar X2
-iced ginger dragon tea X2
-strawberry parfait X1
-veggie steamed bun X1

hmm. i haven't had anything to eat today! i'm starving!!!!

15 May 2004

finally made it to Dalat, the vietnamese place in ypsi for some tasty noodles. almost as good as red hot lovers turkey dog and cheese fries i had for lunch. dined with my favorite rockstar cataloger who hasn't eaten fries for two years!!!! she read some article that surprisingly linked fried potatoes to heart disease and even though, she claims, this type of thing doesn't usually move her to actually eliminate foods from her diet, her mood and who knows what else pushed her to drop fries! can you imagine?! no french fries?!!?! a fate worse than death!!! i can cut out sugar without a problem, could conceivably actually become a real vegetarian and probably eliminate wheat if i had to, but fries?! no way! it's wrong! just thinking about it makes me want to eat cheese fries from red hot lovers.

man. oh well. more fries for me, i guess.

11 May 2004

a. just fed me tacos and corn fritters. the tacos contained ground beef w/mccormick taco mix, shredded cheddar, chopped tomato and shredded lettuce. they were exactly like the tacos my mom used to feed us on a regular basis when i was a kid. i don't think i've had them since i was in high school. my mom used to sit at the stove, cooking up the ground beef and ripping off small pieces of the raw meat to eat sprinkled with a bit of salt. everyone thinks its gross and unhygenic, but she's still alive. and probably still eating little bits of raw ground beef. as a. pointed out, carpaccio is a delicacy and its not entirely different.

10 May 2004

i have consumed a whopping three americano's today! this could be an all time high, excluding homework related caffeine-intake. one could say i went on something of an americano tour of portland: cafe destino, kitchen cafe, some drive-thru, tiny's, another drive-thru, other places i can't remember because my short-term memory retrieval is seriously hindered by excessive caffeine intake. i think i liked tiny's the most but it could be because i was actually sitting down rather than driving or walking thru the rain. living in a perpetually rainy climate could only lead to a terrible, terrible caffeine addiction. i'd save so much money (i've, this weekend, paid between $1-$2 for the same double americano in a 16 oz cup drink) if i lived in, oh, hawaii, where it is usually sunny, i think. but maybe i'd blow it all on little paper umbrellas to put in the fruity drinks i'd make after work every day.

i'm in portland visiting The Fabulous Ann. this is what is being eaten:

-tapas at colosso: grilled calamari, grilled duck breast with beets, sugar snap peas and mushrooms, assorted olives, a Lime Richard, a Ginger Lynn, bread
-homemade sandwiches after a hike to the ocean
-strawberries and cherries
-The Farm, an almost vegetarian restaurant: a mint julep (new favorite drink!), the sardine plate feauuring sardines (surprise!), tuna, hard-boiled egg and pickled onion, a Farmhouse Burger with "hamburger style" fried eggplant. not bad. and ann had the world's smallest entree-sized crab cakes. for dessert a hea-venly chocolate souffle for which it was well worth ditching the sugar-free diet ("diet" in the it-makes-me-feel-awful-so-i'm-not-eating-it sense of the word rather than the weight loss diet).
-catfish hash at Bridge's
-greek food under a giant purple octopus
-a "protein cup" of eggs, veggie sausage and tomato
-free samples from wild oats
-green curry on Hawthorne at chopsticks
-a really tasty pink lady apple from the market