10 March 2004

two exciting things about popcorn from The U.S. Market For Popcorn (Packaged Facts, a division of MarketResearch.com):

"One of the reasons popcorn became so popular in the 1980s was the growth in the number of households owning a microwave oven. Compared with the opening of a bag of chips, there became something almost celebratory about popping a bag of popcorn and sharing it with friends or family while it was still hot."

and a Harvard University study released in 2001 found that women who consume whole grains such as popcorn may significantly reduce their risk of ischemic stroke. if that's the case, i have nothing to fear from ischemic stroke. i'm totally clear. i think i'll celebrate with friends and family by popping a bag of popcorn and sharing it while it's still hot.